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Site is currently under construction, only 26 verses tagged under Project An-Nisa

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Exmuslims are in constant threat of alienation, hostility and even death. Make sure you are protecting your identity by browsing anonymously!

What is ProjectQ?

ProjectQ is a collection of data and analysis around verses in Quran from the modern lens of Social Justice, Human Rights, Gender Equity and Science.

We want a world where religious dissent is accepted. ProjectQ aims to provide one more tool for Exmuslims’ tool belt in their journey out of the cult of Islam.

Feel free to search or browse verses from the menu. (Currently only 26 verses from chapter 4 are available, more verses will be available as they get tagged)



Analysis geared towards answering the question, "How many times are women mentioned in Quran in Chapter 4 and in what context?" Checkout all the details here

✋🏾 How can I help?

We need help tagging verses with data points and stories, if you want to volunteer please us email at [email protected]

Also, if you like what we are doing then please spread the word!